FAQ Honors Program

  1. Why should I consider the SCCC Honors Program?

The Sussex County Community College Honors Program provides enriched educational experiences for self-motivated and exceptionally prepared students. The Honors Program offers participating students the freedom to meet General Education requirements while being instructed in a smaller, seminar-style environment by select faculty. Students in the Honors Program have the opportunity for a deeper examination of course materials and specialized research projects that allow for the utilization of in-depth critical thinking skills and reasoning.

Students who complete the Honors Program at Sussex with an academic average of 3.5, or higher, have a greater transfer rate to the college or university of their choice. 

  1. How do I apply to the Honors Program?

Potential students will need to complete an application packet. The application packet requirements are listed below.  

  1. An Honors Program Application.
  2. A high school and/or college transcript(s) showing at least a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) or a 3.94 (on a 4.5 scale).
  3. Relevant test scores for the SAT and/or ACT tests. You can visit sussex.edu/testing for the current scoring range.
  4. A letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor, teacher/professor, or someone who can address your preparedness for a rigorous program of study.
  5. An essay or résumé and/or list of achievements, including awards, scholarships, and membership in clubs and other organizations. The Honors Program Admissions Committee may also request an interview.
  1. Why should I participate in the Honors Program?

The classes offered through the Honors Program afford students the opportunity for an in-depth examination of the subject matter. If a student is highly motivated and willing to meet the more demanding standards of an honors class, he or she will find the honors class work challenging, enriching, and rewarding. There are also partnerships with selective four-year institutions that SCCC’s Honors Program students may transfer to.  

  1. Will an Honors Program course transfer to a four-year college or university?

Honors Program courses meet the criteria for General Education courses, and such courses as Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Statistics, and English Composition I and II, are fully transferable.  Additionally, the course's designation on the student’s transcript will indicate the class as an Honors course. If the college you are transferring to also offers an honors program, there is no guarantee that SCCC honors courses will transfer as honors courses.

  1. How do I maintain my eligibility to remain in the Honors Program?

Students in the honors program must maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.2 and must not receive a grade lower than a C in any class.

  1. Can I take just one Honors Program course?

Any student who qualifies for the Honors Program may take as few or as many honors classes as he or she wishes.  However, the “Honors Program Graduate” designation will only appear on the transcripts of students who have successfully completed 12 or more credits of designated Honors Program courses.

  1. What Honors Program courses does SCCC offer?

The Honors Program schedules courses during the Fall and Spring Semesters only. The list of Honors Program offered at SCCC are listed below. Check the current semester’s Course Schedule for specific days and times.

Fall Semester Courses

  • COLL101-H Foundations of Success
  • ENG101-H English Composition I
  • PSYC101-H Introduction to Psychology

Spring Semester Courses

  • ENG102-H English Composition II
  • SOCA101-H Introduction to Sociology
  • MATH108-H Statistics
  1. How do I sign up for Honors Program courses?

Before registering, interested students must first apply to the program.  The applications can be obtained from the college website. Please note that space in the program is limited, so early application is strongly encouraged.