Concurrent Enrollment

The Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) at Sussex is a cooperative program between the College and area high schools. This program provides high school students the opportunity to enroll in Sussex college courses offered at their high school.

These are general education courses that satisfy basic requirements in a broad range of majors. Each area high school, in conjunction with the College, determines the courses that are offered. 

The benefits of taking Concurrent Courses

  • Taught at the student's high school during their regular school day.
  • An exceptional opportunity to experience college coursework and earn college credits while completing the requirements for a high school diploma.
  • Concurrent Enrollment courses are taught by high school teachers that have been certified by Sussex to teach the course using the same credentialing guidelines as Sussex faculty.
  • There are no additional fees so students can earn college credits at a fraction of the cost.

These courses have the same requirements as those offered at Sussex and students receive the same college credit. Upon completion of the course, Concurrent Enrollment students will receive a grade report from Sussex which reflects the course, credits, and grade on the student’s official Sussex transcript. The student can request an official Sussex transcript at any time, at no cost.

Important Dates:

FA21 September 20, 2021

SP22 is February 4, 2022

Concurrent Enrollment Information

Step 1 - Apply for Concurrent Enrollment

  • Apply Online
  • Fill out the Application - include your social security number
  • For Admission Status, choose Concurrent High School Students – Concurrent Enrollment Program from the drop-down menu
  • Submit the Application

Step 2 – If you need to take the Placement Test, if not move to Step 3

  • Take the College-Level Math (CLM) Placement Test if you are taking any of the following classes at your high school: College Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics with Calculus, or Chemistry with Calculus.
  • Contact the Testing Center at 973-300-2155. Check the Testing web page for study guides and sample test questions.

Step 3 – Fill out the Registration Form

  • Print and fill out the Registration Form. Email the form to
  • You will receive an email from the CEP Office with the following:
    • Sussex Student ID Number
    • Sussex Passwords
    • Directions on how to pay online

Step 4 – Pay Online

  • Pay online using the My Sussex Portal.

Congratulations, you are enrolled in the Concurrent Enrollment Program! 

For any questions, please email Julie Fliegel at 973-300-2223

To view of list of classes offered at each high school, download this pdf of Concurrent Classes.

High school students can take advantage

Concurrent Enrollment
Sussex County/Out-of-County
1 Credit Course $75
2 Credit Course $150
3 Credit Course $225
4 Credit Course $300