Visiting Student

We are pleased that you have decided to take courses at Sussex to help you with course offerings to fulfill your educational requirements. 

These steps are for students attending another college or university, either a two-year or four-year college, who want to take classes at Sussex. 

New Visiting Student

Step 1: Apply for Admissions

On the Application under Admissions Status, please choose Visiting Student. For email, use your current college or university email address.

Step 2: Confirm the Transferring of Credits

Check with your current college about the transferability of classes taken at Sussex.

Step 3: Admissions Will Email You

The Admissions Office will send emails to your current college email with the following:

  • Email #1 will be a consent/disclaimer email;
  • Email #2 are directions on how to register along with your password, email, and Canvas login.

Once you receive this information, you will be able to register online.

Step 4: Register for Classes

You can now register online or register in person by visiting the Advising and Counseling Center in the Administration Bldg. For password issues, please contact  IT Services at 973-300-2333.

Step 5: Make a Payment

The easiest way to make your tuition payment is online. Payments can also be made in person at the Bursar’s Office. 


Please Note: Visiting students cannot qualify for financial aid through SCCC. You should consult with your home campus regarding the availability of financial aid through the use of a consortium agreement.

Returning Visiting Student

Students who have already taken classes at Sussex and who are attending another college or university, either a two-year or four-year, should not fill out another Application to Sussex. Please email Admissions and indicate you want to take a class. Then you may proceed to complete Steps 2 though Step 5 above.