Clubs and Groups

Student clubs and organizations are a significant part of campus life at SCCC. For more information on any of the clubs, contact the Office of Campus Life at 973-300–2200

Student Government Association 

Purpose: The SGA was formed to recognize clubs by charter; to generate activities of interest to the general student body and to create a representative governing body whose function is to promote within the College, interest, and harmony between the students, faculty, and administration of SCCC.
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Adventure Club

Purpose: To communicate and demonstrate; deep appreciation of the natural world around us. Go on hikes, clean our campus trails and to reduce the impact humans leave on the natural world.
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American Sign Language Club

Purpose: Congregation of ASL students and others interested in sign language; to further their signing abilities and learn more about ASL and deaf culture.
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Anatomy Freaks Club (Study Group)

Purpose: To help students who are falling behind in anatomy and to sustain interest in the medical field
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Anime Club

Purpose: To introduce Anime Japanese animation and Asian culture to students. To view various anime, learn about Japanese culture, and expand understanding of Japanese culture
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Anthropology Geeks (Study Group)

Purpose: To inform students and the public on anthropological ideas and to support anthropology students in exploring careers in anthropology.
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Biology Club

Purpose: To promote awareness of the biological sciences in the community and to foster projects that impact the environment in a positive way.
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Business Club

Purpose: To introduce students to the business community and to help students become successful leaders in their chosen careers.
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Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)

Purpose: A place, to find others who are also eagerly seeking spiritual truth through Christianity, to provide a purpose for their lives.
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Catholic Campus Ministry

Purpose: To provide a Catholic presence on campus in an environment that is respectful to the individuality and dignity of each person. To sponsor activities of service, social, cultural, and prayerful nature.
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Criminal Justice Club

Purpose: To explore and expand interests in the Criminal Justice field with hands-on experience.
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Exercise Science Club

Purpose: To educate current and prospective exercise science majors about career options in the field of exercise, provide services to the college to promote health and wellness among students, faculty and staff, and, lastly, provide community outreach by hosting educational events and physical fitness activities that promote health and wellness in our community.

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Film Club

Purpose: To provide an open space for creative minds to meet, write, and film projects from start to finish.
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Fine Arts League

Purpose: To expand the awareness and study of the fine arts.
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Gamer's Chalice

Purpose: To form a group of students who have a sincere interest in gaming and through that union, provide a safe and comfortable place for members to interact, share experience, and educate the community.
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History Club

Purpose: To inspire and educate the campus on the history of the world.
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Human Services Club

Purpose: To apply skills learned in human services classes to improve campus life.
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Multicultural Club

Purpose: To enrich SCCC students’ cultural knowledge and to embrace the diversity of our college population.
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Performing Arts Guild

Purpose: To provide a public outlet for all students interested in any of the performing arts.
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Philosopher’s Marketplace

Purpose: To educate and facilitate rational discussion and debate, enlighten and improve the community.
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Rotaract Club (Pass it Along)

Purpose: A Rotary International Club for young men and women to serve the needs of their community, broaden their personal and professional contacts and increase their understanding of the world.
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Strength Without Violence Campus Alliance

Purpose: To raise awareness about power-based violence.
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Student United Way Club

Purpose: Give, advocate and volunteer in areas of education, income, and health in coordination with the United Way.
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Student Veterans Organization

Purpose: To improve and support services for student veterans and to enhance relationships between student veterans and students as well as the wider surrounding community
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The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Purpose: To raise awareness and promote under­standing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight issues.
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Ultimate Frisbee Club

Purpose: To promote student interaction by engaging in pick up ultimate Frisbee games
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Purpose: Campus-based student organization concerned about underage and high-risk drinking behaviors.
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