The Public Safety Training Academy offers courses for firefighters. Please see the list of courses offered below and use the Registration Form for each course you will be attending. 

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Firefighter Courses

***Firefighter 1 & Firefighter 2 will now be combined into one course***

Tuesday Night | Thursday Night | Saturday All Day

Course Start: Saturday | January 20, 2024

*Mandatory Orientation Day 01/20/2024

Course End: Saturday | June 22, 2024

1930 - 2230 Nights | 0800 - 1630 Days

Fee: $500 In-county | $750 Out-County

Firefighter 1 is the first level of a progressive program. This level introduces the novice firefighter to the basics of nationally recognized firefighting techniques. Methods of instruction will include classroom theory and skill-oriented "hands‑on" drill sessions. Student performance will be evaluated throughout the course including quizzes, mid‑term, and final exams; both written and practical. The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety's standardized Firefighter 1 test is given as part of the final exam. Firefighter 1 meets the performance objectives of the NFPA standard 1001 and N.J.A.C. 5:73‑4.3 standard, allowing a firefighter to perform firefighting under direct supervision. All students will receive ICS, CPR, Hazardous Materials Awareness, and Operational Levels of training as required by N.J.A.C. 5:75-6.1. 

Firefighter 2 is the second level of a progression which includes Firefighter 1. Instruction at this level will be aimed at providing the student with the skills and knowledge necessary to function under general supervision. Students will learn advanced strategies and tactics in the following: IMS, Rapid Intervention, Extrication, Advanced Suppression, Advanced Search, VES, Rescue Task Force Awareness, and assisting Technical Rescue Crews just to name a few. 

*Mandatory Evaluation must be completed to satisfy NJDFS Job Performance Requirements* 

Further instructions will be emailed upon registration.

***This course replaces Firefighter 3***

Wednesday Nights Only

Course Start: Wednesday | January 17, 2024

*Mandatory Orientation Night | 01/17/2024

Course End: Saturday | June 29, 2024

Fee: $500 In-County | $750 Out-county

This course is an advanced focus on the fundamentals of fire strategy and tactics. It is a study of fire hazards, incident command, fire behavior, and the physical and chemical effects of combustion on dwellings and building construction considerations. Leadership qualities and traits are discussed and exhibited via a leadership retreat performed by the students. A capstone defense paper is required to be delivered to the instructor cadre upon completion. There will be extensive reading and assignments to complete. 


Book List: 

Title: Fireground Strategies
Author: Anthony Avillo
Publisher: Fire Engineering Books & Videos
Edition: 3rd Edition (2019)
ISBN: 978-1-59370-353-0

Title: Brannigan's Building Construction for the Fire Service
Author: Brannigan & Corbett
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Edition: 6th Edition (2019)
ISBN: 978-1284177312

*Must have books for Orientation*


Incident Command: Strategic considerations of size-up
Incident Command: Arrival reports and resource requirements
Incident Command: Fireground organization, ongoing communication, post-control activities
Fire Behavior: Strategic considerations of heat transfer
Strategic considerations of building construction
Strategic modes of operation
Private dwelling fires
Multiple dwellings
High-Rise operations
Contiguous structures: Rowhouses, garden apartments, and townhouses
Small commercial occupancies: mixed-use, taxpayers, and strip malls
Large commercial and storage occupancies
Strategic considerations for vacant and renovated structures
Limited intervention incidents: Strategic considerations of the first responder
Fostering a culture of safety
Capstone Delivery: Leadership Retreat: Lab Hours (8)

Course Start: Wednesday | April 17, 2024

Course End:   Wednesday | May 08, 2024

Fee: $100 In-County | $200 Out-County

National Fire Academy Curriculum

The 16-hour NFPA 1521 Incident Safety Officer course is a part of the New Jersey State Fire
Officer requirements and provides students with a solid foundation and knowledge to identify
and analyze safety concerns, as well as how to communicate and recommend solutions to
the command authority. This course is an incident-specific, scene-oriented course that will cover
topics including the role of the Incident Safety Officer; standards, policies, and regulations;
record-keeping and documentation; risk management; and incident considerations.

The intended audience for this course is Staff and Chief Officers, Line Officers, and Firefighters with
command responsibilities.

PRE-REQUISITE: NJ Firefighter 2

This "challenge" has two parts.

Part 1 is the written multiple-choice test. FF1 - 100 Questions  |  FF2 - 100 Questions
Part 2 is the JPR skills evaluation.

Each Firefighter level has its own written test and skills. You may challenge FF1 only, FF2 only, or challenge both tests/skills together. Your choice. 

Part 1 | Friday | November 03, 2023 | 1930-2230
Part 2 | Saturday | November 04, 2023 | 0800-1700

*Please indicate on the registration form what you will be challenging. FF1 | FF2 | Both

Mandatory Items You Need to Provide PRIOR to the challenge date(s). 

  • A valid, signed, current SCBA FIT Test
  • Letter from your Chief of Department authorizing your participation. (this covers you for medical clearance & injuries)
  • Copies of your FF1 or FF2 State Certification. They MUST be on file with the NJDFS or you will not be authorized to sit for the test. These are the "Green State Certifications" and NOT Academy certificates. 

Items you will need to bring to the evaluation day:

  • Your own SCBA with 2 cylinders
  • NFPA Compliant PPE
  • MUST be in compliance with CFR 1910.120 (facial hair standards)


Fee Schedule: 

$100 In-County Firefighters
$200 Out of County Firefighters 

*Personal or Department Checks Accepted. Must remit payment on night of written test. Purchase Orders must be completed prior to test. 
*Cancellation of of your enrollment must be received within 72 hours of the written test or you/department will be charged the full fee. 

Please use the online registration link to secure your spot. You will receive a confirmation email once your enrollment is processed. 


Date: Thursday | November 16, 2023
Time: 1930 -2230
Cost: $75.00 In-County $125.00 Out of county

The Academy will be conducting preparation and testing according to the State Division of Fire Safety's recently issued guidelines. 


Night One 11/07/2024: Review of Chapters 1-15

Night Two 11/09/2024: Review of Chapters 16-32

Night Three 11/14/2024: Review

Night Four 11/16/2023 : Written Exam

Eligibility (Per the NJDFS)
Individuals must have the NJ Firefighter 1 state certification on file with the NJDFS.
Individuals must have five years of experience before January 1, 2008, or have successfully taken the Firefighter 2 course before 2008.


A member testing will receive a State of New Jersey Division of Fire Safety Certification for Firefighter 2.
Eligibility, as outlined above, ultimately will be determined by the State of New Jersey Division of Fire Safety. Verification of eligibility will be processed through the DFS prior to the start of the course. It is the applicant's incumbency to provide any necessary proof of eligibility for the Division of Fire Safety.
Accommodations for testing will be solely at the discretion of the Division of Fire Safety consistent with their codes and regulations.