High School Student taking college credits

College Advancement for High School students allows you to begin your college education earlier and complete many of the general education courses you need for college, at a fraction of the cost.

We offer two paths for high school students to consider. 

  • Concurrent Enrollment Program - offered at your high school
  • Jump Start Program - offered on the Sussex campus
Concurrent Enrollment
Sussex County/Out-of-County
1 Credit Course   $75
2 Credit Course   $150
3 Credit Course   $225
4 Credit Course   $300
Jump Start   50% Reduction
in Tuition & Fees


College Advancement for High School Students

Graphic image of apply on top of two booksEarn college credit at your high school

The Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) is a partnership between the College and area high schools to provide students the chance to enroll in college courses as part of their regular school day.

CEP courses are equivalent to those offered at Sussex, and our administration and faculty monitor the courses to ensure that instruction, curriculum, and grading standards are identical to those sections taught at the College.

These are general education courses that satisfy basic requirements in a broad range of majors. Each area high school, in conjunction with the College, determines the courses that are offered. 

  • Taught in your high school
  • Taught by high school teachers
  • No additional fees

Step 1 - Apply for Concurrent Enrollment

  • Apply Online
  • Fill out the Application - include your social security number
  • For Admission Status, choose Concurrent High School Students – Concurrent Enrollment Program from the drop-down menu
  • Submit the Application, the admission's fee is waived

Step 2 – If you need to take the Placement Test, if not move to Step 3

  • Take the College-Level Math (CLM) Placement Test at Sussex if you are taking any of the following classes at your high school: Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics with Calculus or Chemistry with Calculus.
  • Contact the Testing Center at 973-300-2155 or email kcarr@sussex.edu. Check the website for study guides and sample test questions. http://sussex.edu/academics/testing/.

Step 3 – Fill out the Registration Form

  • Print and fill out the Registration Form. Email the form to cep@sussex.edu
  • You will receive an email from the Admissions Office with the following:
    • Sussex Student ID Number
    • Sussex Passwords
    • Directions on how to pay online

Step 4 – Pay Online

  • Pay online using the My Sussex Portal.

Congratulations, you are enrolled in the Concurrent Enrollment Program! 

For any questions, please email cep@sussex.edu

Earn college credit at Sussex

The Jump Start Program is designed for students currently enrolled as high school juniors or seniors who wish to earn college-level credits before graduation.

Upon obtaining signed permission from your parent or legal guardian, you may enroll in up to two college courses (not exceeding eight credit hours of academic work) per semester during the day or evening.

  • Taught on the Sussex campus or online
  • Taught by Sussex professors
  • 50% reduction in tuition and fees 

Upon graduation from high school and enrollment at Sussex, students will have all applicable credits applied toward their associate degree or certificate. If enrolling at a different college or university, students can request an official Sussex transcript to be sent to the other college for credit transfer consideration.

To be eligible for the Jump Start Program the applicant must:

  • Be a high school student or home-schooled student between 16–18 years of age. Students who are younger than 16 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • College Readiness as evidenced by any of the following:
    • High school transcript showing B or better in College prep based Math and English
    • SAT Scores: Evidence-Based Reading/Writing – SAT of 450 or higher or appropriate Placement Test scores in reading and writing.
    • Mathematics – SAT of 500 or higher or appropriate Placement Test scores in basic math and algebra. 
    • ACT Scores: (23 English, 23 Reading, 23 Math)
    • Proficient scores on the Accuplacer assessment for Math and/or English

Download the Application Packet 

For any questions and steps to register, please contact
Jamie Borger, Student Success Coach

*Once students have graduated from high school, they are no longer eligible for these programs.