Disabilities Assistance Program Student Guide

What is the Disabilities Assistance Program?

  • The Disabilities Assistance Program is committed to supporting students with documented disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations. The mission of these reasonable accommodations are to ensure equity in education at Sussex County Community College.

Am I an incoming SCCC student?

  • If you have never taken courses previously at Sussex, please continue with the following steps. If you have previously taken courses, please skip to step 5.

Apply to the college:

  1. Apply now. Once completing the application students will receive an email indicating that they have been accepted and will be given a student identification number.

Once accepted:

  1. Determine whether placement testing is needed by reviewing exemptions below;
    • SAT scores of at least 530 in Mathematics and 540 in Critical Reading (before March 2016)
    • SAT scores of at least 500 in Mathematics and 450 or higher in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section (after March 2016)
    • ACT scores of at least 23 in the English section AND at least 23 in the Reading section.
      ACT scores of at least 23 in the Math section.
    • High School GPA of 3.0
    • Have an unofficial college transcript demonstrating successful completion of college-level English and Mathematics.

If no exemptions are met:

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor to discuss placement testing options;


*Please note: accommodations do not apply to the college placement/accuplacer test as it is already un-timed and all will have access to a calculator for the math portions.

Please follow the below steps in the appropriate order for your individual needs;

  1. Students may sign up for a SOAR session to register for courses; sussex.edu/soar

  2. Students should schedule an intake appointment

Appointments are with Annemarie Sacco from the Disabilities Assistance Program. An appointment can be made online through https://sussex.edu/student-support/advising-and-counseling-center/

  • This intake will take approximately 45 minutes to which students will be required to bring all related documentation, e.g., IEP’s, 504 Plans, previous academic accommodations, medical documentation.
  • An accommodation letter will be produced for the student to give to their instructors. This letter informs the instructor that the student is enrolled in the Disabilities Assistance Program and is eligible for the specific accommodations documented. The student must present this letter to their instructor in order to receive the documented accommodations.

At any point please feel free to reach out to Annemarie Sacco with any questions.

Phone: 973-300-2153 Email: disabilitiessupport@sussex.edu