Wendy Fullem

A woman in a black shirt taking a profession picture - Wendy FullemWendy Fullem is the Chief of Staff and a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Sussex County Community College.

Wendy has been with SCCC for over 19 years, serves as the College’s Custodian of Public Records headed up SCCC’s cultural affairs/performing arts program, and served as the liaison for three Presidential Search Committees.

Before her time at SCCC, Wendy was Director of District Development for Coca-Cola, Vice President of the Marketing Division at the Institute for International Research, and Conference and Brand Director for the International Quality and Productivity Center. Wendy’s research has focused on the College, teen markets, and the music industry.

Wendy holds a master of arts degree from Berklee College of Music and a certification in project management from George Washington University.