Adult Transition Center

The Adult Transition Center (ATC) at Sussex County Community College is a two-year, post-secondary program for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities; including career exploration with on-site job coaching.

Career Exploration, Peer Mentoring, Social Skills

Functional Academics encourage life-skills and social skills, which are essential for success and will be an area of focus in the Adult Transitions curricula. Participants will gain skills in a safe, student-centered environment and practice them during community-based opportunities; such as tutoring, fitness center, mentoring, library, student clubs and organizations.

Peer mentoring can build a deeper understanding of vocational and social-emotional skills; an essential part of a successful transition. These skills aid in building independence and confidence; encouraging participants to strive for new and higher goals.

Career exploration will allow students to sample jobs and shadow individuals, in a vocational practicum, to gain a deeper understanding of their field of interest and help them choose a career path.

Eligibility for the Adult Transition Program requires that students must be between 18-24 years old and have a documented disability.

Project administered by OSHE using County College-based Center for Adult Transition Grant.

Step 1:

Contact Vicky Hoskin, ATC Coordinator at 973-300-2135 or

Step 2:

Apply Online (after contacting the ATC Coordinator)

Step 3:

Register for Classes

  • College 101
    • Intro to Careers
    • Self-Advocacy
    • Employment Basics
    • Intro to Social Interactions

  • Vocational Practicum on campus each semester

Students must provide, written authorization to the Registrar from the College to release personally-identifiable information, other than Directory Information, to third parties (including parents/guardians) from Education Records it maintains. Please fill out a FERPA Form.

To request more information, please email Jessica Pappa at and include your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number