Student Handbook

Sussex Mission Statement

We transform lives by providing lifelong learning opportunities through high quality academic, career and enrichment programs in an accessible and supportive environment to ensure student success.


In 2018, Sussex was reaffirmed for accreditation by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Sussex is licensed by the State of NJ as an Article I community college.

This handbook contains information we hope will be helpful to you. The front of this handbook presents a listing of activities, events and trips offered from Campus Life, followed by a calendar which you can use for scheduling purposes. The back of the book contains policies, procedures and general campus information.

As the College continues to grow and serve students in new and better ways, each student must make efforts to remain updated on information related to their education. All efforts will be made to keep students informed by email, notices, newsletters and web posts. If you are concerned about a particular policy, please contact our offices, or an advisor, to be certain of the most current policy or procedure. It is the responsibility of the student to stay informed.