The Foundation at Sussex awards scholarships to help support students with their college education. This year the Foundation awarded over $130,000 in scholarship money.

Scholarships include general scholarships and scholarships specifically for students in the Liberal Arts, Business, Math, Engineering, Science, Technology, and Nursing Programs.

The Online Application for the Spring 2020 Semester Scholarships will open soon.

Available Scholarships and criteria

Scholarship Online Application


Before you apply

  • You must file a FAFSA application (International students are exempt) in order to qualify for scholarships.  It should take about 30 minutes of your time to file the online application.  To complete your FAFSA application visit
    If you have questions or require assistance please contact our Financial Aid Office in the Administration Building (Bldg. B) at 973-300-2225.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation in order to qualify for scholarships.  You will not be able to ‘click’ submit your application until the letter of recommendation has been received. Make sure you log back into your account periodically to check the status of your letter of recommendation. Follow up with the person you have requested it from to ensure they received the email request.
  • After sending the request for the letter of recommendation, complete all other sections of the Application prior to the deadline.
  • Most scholarships require a 500 word essay. Some scholarships require an additional essay on a different topic.

We are proud to be able to present scholarships to so many deserving students. Scholarships help ease the financial burden and make education a reality for many of our students. We believe an investment in education pays high dividends for our community.